What Is The Worst Sleeping Position For You And Why?

What sleeping position you choose makes more of a difference than you might be thinking. Perhaps you do know the importance, but you are stuck in a routine of sleeping in the wrong position. Or maybe you don’t know which position is best and which isn’t. Well, you have choices, but there is one sleeping position that you want to avoid. Let’s talk about what it is and what you can do about it.

Can you guess which sleeping position you should avoid? It’s sleeping on your stomach that isn’t good for you. It has consequences, and when you know what they are, you might make a switch. Have I made the switch? I try, but it’s difficult. You may have to retrain yourself not to sleep on your stomach. Remember that most of the night you will be asleep, so it’s hard to control the position.

There are certain ways that you can retrain yourself though. Just realize that it can take some time. You might also want to look at the benefits of choosing other sleeping positions. There are certain health benefits to sleeping on your side, and the same goes for sleeping on your back.

When it comes to sleeping on your side, you have choices. You only have two choices, but which one you choose does actually matter. If you sleep on your left side, it comes with certain health benefits that you’re going to want to know about. Yet you don’t want to always sleep on your left side. It would be a good idea to actually switch sides from time to time.

You might primarily sleep on your left side, but sleep on your right side occasionally, too. And if you’re interested in sleeping in the best positions, try to get comfortable with sleeping on your back from time to time as well. You might have to really work at getting yourself to stay in those positions, but it will happen.

One of the ways that you can help retrain yourself is by using body pillows. That’s just one idea, and the idea is you have to get comfortable in those positions. If you’re like me, sleeping on your stomach is the most comfortable, and we just have to get over that, don’t we? To be truthful, I like starting out on my back. That is while I’m resting. And I sometimes switch to my left side. When I get sleepy, however, I tend to want to get all comfy on my stomach, one leg out to the side, and hit the hay.

I can tell you one thing that will help you sleep on your left side, but I think you already know what I mean. Cuddling requires two people, or as I mentioned, you can train yourself with a body pillow. Usually the body pillow is placed behind your back, not in front of you. That keeps you from flipping over, but it’s not going to help you if you want to flip over on your stomach, which again, is the worst sleeping position.